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The second generation of the DS-14 transmitter

A variant of the top RC transmitter from the JETI model.

A color TFT LCD display placed on the top side of the transmitter offers perfect legibility at any lighting condition and a large surveillance angle. Thanks to the high display resolution and application of a relatively big ammount of graphic images it was possible to create a simple and intuitive setting procedure, especially for displaying telemetric data.

Transmitter Duplex DS-14 II - Green (ɪ)

  • Duplex 2.4GHz – the DC/DS transmitters feature the Duplex 2.4GHz, frequency hopping, digital, data stream system, originally developed by JETI model in the Czech Republic. This system has been reliably used for many years.
    Built-in Telemetry – from the start, the DC/DS transmitters were designed and built with many attractive features and include the full integration of all Duplex telemetry sensors.
    Precise Gimbals – the transmitter gimbals are equipped with Hall sensors and ball bearings for precision movement with an almost unlimited lifespan.
    LCD Display – color 3.5" TFT LCD display with 320 x 240 resolution which is highly visable under any light conditions.
    Li-Ion Battery – provides a proven and reliable energy source with a high capacity (6200mAh) and a long service life.
    Easy Charging – simply connect the wall power supply, optional car charger, or any 12v Dc power supply to the transmitters charge port. The DC/DS may also be charged through the USB to PC interface. The charging progress is shown on the DC/DS display.
    Integrated Antenna – the antennas are located behind fully integrated covers in both the DC/DS cases for protection against mechanical damage.
    Large Memory – Internal SD card for storing models, sounds, and telemetry data.
    USB Connector – convenient connection to your PC. Fast firmware & sound upgrades, telemetry data downloads.
    Fast Navigation – 3D wheel-style interface combined with function keys allow for speedy navigation within the DC/DS menu.
    Digital Trims – fully programmable trims and a revolutionary automatic trimming function.
    Swappable and Assignable Switches – all of the switches on the DC/DS transmitters (2- or 3-position) can be easily moved and assigned to create a custom configuration that works best for your application.
    Programming – the logical and intuitive transmitter firmware is designed to be simple to use. Just follow the step-by-step screens. The creation of a new model can be accomplished with just a few easy steps.
    Sounds/Alarms – the DC/DS transmitters are equipped with audible alarms and also allows the use of user-recordable alarms and sounds to keep you fully informed while also keeping distractions to a minimum.
    Integrated microphone with voice recognition capability - using the integrated microphone you can easily prepare your own audio files. Furthermore, you canteach the transmitter to respond to several voice commands.

  • Weight [g] 1300
    Transmitter Aluminum Case No
    Transmitter Battery Pack (mAh) 6200
    Backlit LCD 3.5" 320x240px color, high contrast
    Gimbal Hall Sensors/Vibration Yes/No
    Gimbals & Buttons Plastic
    Number of antenas 2.4GHz 2
    RF modules 2.4GHz 2
    Control Inputs (Stick/Switch/Knob) 12
    Dimensions [mm] 194 x 233 x 40
    Channels 10 (to 14)
    Control Inputs (Stick/Switch/Knob) 12
    Backup Module No
    Flight Modes 3 (to 10)
    Free Mixes 10 (to 20)
    Data Graphs Upgradable
    Audio Player Yes
    Logical Switches 4 (to 16)
    Number of Remote Commands 8 (to 16)
    Servo Sequencer 3 (to 6)
    Timers 5 (to 10)
    Displayed Telemetry Values 10 (to 40)
    Sound on Events 10 (to 20)
    Alarms 15 (to 40)
    Vibration Alarms No
    Voice Output Upgradable
    Gyro Settings 1 (to 3)
    Servo Balancer Upgradable
    Function Curves Upgradable
    Throttle Limiter (heli) Upgradable
    Telemetry Controls 0 (to 16)
    Voice Commands 0 (to 16)
    Double Path Active/Upgradable
    Accelerometer Yes
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