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SPIN pro controller include a new type of voltage stabilizer for receiver and servos, the so called switching BEC with an output voltage of 5.5 V. The use of this feature opens the way to the use of BEC for models operating at higher voltages. A significant factor is that the BEC circuit maintains its full current capability right up to the maximum voltage.


SKU: JSP-160
  • Weight [g] 100
    Dimensions [mm] 85 x 24 x 22
    Sustained current [A] 160
    Telemetry Yes
    Operational temperature [°C] -10 to 85
    Supply Voltage [V] 6 to 35
    Batteries NiXX 6 ... 24
    Batteries LiXX 2 to 8
    Max. Current BEC [A] 5
    Voltage BEC [V] 5.5
    Max. number of servos 8
    OPTO (optically separated radio signal from the power management) No
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