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Opto controllers have galvanically separated input (the receiver signal) from power accumulators, therefore it's necessary to use independent power supply for the receiver and servos (4-5 NiXX or 2-3 LiXX with linear voltage regulator, such as MAX BEC).

SPIN opto controllers are provided with two JR connectors. Connector on the longer three-line cable with black ending is to be linked to the receiver. Connector on the shorter three-line cable with red ending is intended for communication with JETIBOX; for programming or data reading connect it into slot marked imp. + - on JETIBOX.


SKU: JSP-125-O
  • Weight [g] 120
    Dimensions [mm] 65 x 55 x 25
    Sustained current [A] 125
    Telemetry Yes
    Operational temperature [°C] -10 to 85
    Supply Voltage [V] 12 to 50
    Batteries NiXX -
    Batteries LiXX 4 to 12
    Max. Current BEC [A] -
    Voltage BEC [V] -
    Max. number of servos -
    Resistance in conducting state [mΩ] 2 x 1.00
    Number of power transistors 48
    Cable crossection (input/output) [mm²] 4.0 / 2.5
    Input capacitance [µF] 4 x 470
    OPTO (optically separated radio signal from the power management) Yes
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