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RCDroidBox allows real-time monitoring and recording of telemetry data transferred using JETI Duplex or Duplex EX protocol. The system consists of both hardware and a software part. The hardware is the actual RCDroidBox Bluetooth adapter and the software is an application running on a device with the Android operating system, such as cell phone or tablet. The application is available free of charge on Google Play - JATAYA - RCDroidBox. You can order the RCDroidBox device through one of our dealers in your region. img Functions Monitoring the power supply In the main telemetry display you have a possibility to displaynot only the values of the connected sensors, but also a voltage of the RCDroidBox battery.With this variable it is possible to work in the same way as with other values??, and therefore you can assign a report alarm or display a value in the text box. LiPo batteries protection If powering the RCDroidBox from LiPo batteries, you do not have to worry about their damage.The RCDroidBox displays a warning when the voltage is less than 3.4V per cell. In case the voltage drops below 3.2V, the cell is automatically switched off. Adjustable battery protection You can also choose your own level of voltage at which the device will display a warning and personal level for switching off. Power saving mode In case the Bluetooth or the telemetry input (Ext.) are not active for more than 20 minutes, the RCDroidBox goes into the sleep mode and minimizes its consumption.

RC Droid Box DC/DS

  • Weight [g] 15
    Dimensions [mm] 38 x 20 x 7
    Operational temperature [°C] 8
    Supply Voltage [V] 3.5 ... 15
    Average Current [mA] 20
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