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The switching voltage regulator SBEC 30D EX is supposed to function as a current supply for receivers and servos. It enables to use a wide range of input voltages from 2S up to 15S Li-XX cells. Setup of the output voltage between 5 and 8.4V is accomplished in the JETI transmitter via EX Bus connection or through JETIBOX. This implies that the SBEC is also prepared for use with new "higher" voltage servos. The SBEC 30D is suitable for medium and larger model due to its maximum current of 30A.

SBEC 30D measures input and output voltage of the BEC, current and consumed capacity of the battery. Measured data can be observed by displaying the telemetry in the JETI Duplex transmitter.


מק"ט: J-SBEC-30-D
450.00 ₪מחיר
  • Weight [g] 50
    Dimensions [mm] 72 x 28 x 14
    Telemetry Yes
    Operational temperature [°C] -20 to 85
    Recommended input voltage [V] 6 to 59
    Output voltage [V] 5 to 8.4
    Idle current [µA] 70 to 130
    Number of battery inputs 1
    Input voltage max. [V] 59
    Peak current (max 5s) [A] 30
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