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RCSW - RC Switch is a wireless switch designed especially for JETI model products (BEC stabilizers, Central Box and other accessories) that increase the comfort of model control. RC Switch can be easily controlled using DC/DS transmitters and it can be simply used as a replacement of the magnetic key.

Compatible devices: SBEC 40, DPS 40, SPS 20, DSM 10, Central Box 2xx, Central Box 400, Main Switch etc.

Switching is indicated by a red LED that is visible through the opening on the side of the RC Switch.

Radio Control Switch – RCSW

360.00 ₪מחיר
  • Weight [g] 5
    Dimensions [mm] 38 x 7 x 20
    Operational temperature [°C] -20 to 85
    Average Current [mA] 20
    Recommended input voltage [V] 3,3 to 51
    Idle current [µA] 80
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