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The MFlow2 Turbine 3000 is a telemetry sensor that measures the flow of the pumped fuel and calculates its amount in the tank. The MFlow2-Turbine is a variant designed for the models powered by a jet engine, with consumption up to 3000ml/min.

Main features

  • The sensor is compatible with Duplex EX system.
  • EX telemetry values: actual flow and the amount of the fuel in the tank.
  • User adjustable parameters, such as tank capacity, depleted fuel alarm, etc.
  • Firmware updates.


MFlow2 consists of the flow sensor and the base. The sensor is connected to the base via a cable with a lock connector. The other cable labeled as „Ext“ is used for the DUPLEX system or the JETIBOX. The flow sensor is fitted with these endings according to the type:

MFlow2 T3000: 2x FESTO for tubes with the external diameter of 4mm

MFlow2 Turbine 3000

מק"ט: JEX-MF2T-3000
1,120.00 ₪מחיר
  • Weight [g] 40
    Dimensions [mm] 77 x 41 x 30
    Operational temperature [°C] -20 to 80
    Supply Voltage [V] 5 to 8.4
    Average Current [mA] 20
    Measurement range 50-3000 ml/min
    Measurement accuracy ±2%
    Tubing connection 2xFesto Ø4mm
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