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DUPLEX TU2 EX module is suitable for all transmitters, especially for those with non-exchangeable HF plug-in modules. Installation is possible into almost all types of transmitters. There are only two main requirements: A transmitter with the possibility of operation in PPM mode and space for the module in the transmitter. If needed, Duplex TU2 EX is also possible to put in the box and fit to the transmitter.


DUPLEX TU2 EX module is an enhanced version DUPLEX TU2. Along with the mounting kit it simplifies mounting SWTU2 to the transmitters. An assembly set VOICE-1 may be better adapted to the acoustic properties after incorporation into the transmitter.



  • FC-16, FC-18 JUNIOR, T6EXHP, 12FG, 12Z, 14MZ, FX-18, FX-14, FX-30


  • Laser 4, Laser 6, Flash 5, Optic 6 sport


  • MC-10, MC-12, MC-14, MC-15, MC-16, MC-19, MC-22, MC-16-20,
  • MX-12, MX-16s



  • Cockpit SX
  • Profi 3000, 4000


Other brands of transmitters.


מק"ט: JDEX-TU2
  • Weight [g] 15
    Dimensions [mm] 55 x 26 x 11
    Number of channels 16
    Operational temperature [°C] -10 to 85
    Supply Voltage [V] 3.5 to 16
    Average Current [mA] 38
    Output Power [dBm] 20
    Antenna [dBi] 2
    Acoustic signalling of conditions yes
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